Shortfall Protection

The Shortfall Protection product is directly linked to a vehicle. It can be sold in a stand-alone form or can be packaged with the Deposit Protector Policy product and/or excess protection product.

The vehicle must be a total loss and the benefit paid is the difference between the outstanding debt and the market value of the vehicle. There are no age limits within this policy. The maximum benefit under this policy is R200 000.

An unintentional violation benefit is included and this is paid when a client unintentionally violates their underlying comprehensive insurance policy.

A contribution of up to R6000 on the excess or the actual which ever is the lesser amount is payable in the case of a valid Shortfall claim.

As an additional service we assist the client with checking the Insurer has paid out correctly on the claim.

NB: This is merely a Summary, please read the policy for all terms, conditions and exclusions regarding this cover.

Shortfall Protector Sales Guide

Basic Shortfall Protector Sales Guide