Vision & Mission

We will create and deliver a superior solution – encompassing products, processing and service – tailored to each of our customers’ requirements, we will deliver a superior customer experience, simplifying and improving both our clients and their customers’ lives.  We will achieve this through a motivated team of skilled people, absolute fairness in our treatment of our clients and partners and complying with the 6 Treat Your Customer Fairly Outcomes, these are;

  • You are confident that Your fair treatment is key to Our culture;
  • Products and services are designed to meet Your needs;
  • We will communicate clearly, appropriately and on time;
  • We provide advice which is suitable to Your needs and circumstances;
  • Our products and services meet Your standards and are of an acceptable level;
  • There are no barriers to access Our services or to lodge any complaints.

At PinnAfrica, our success is driven by our people who

  • deliver excellence                                 
  • work as a team
  • build our business on relationships
  • think creatively to find solutions
  • have the tough conversations       
  • are accountable for their actions
  •  are empowered to make decisions
  • are honest, respectful and ethical

Our Culture is based on

  • High relationships
  • Open minded, flexible approach
  • Refreshing ideas – contemporary thinking
  • Up to date on market trends
  • Partnership mindset – how can we add value
  • People and relationship driven
  • Initiative valued
  • Ability to make personalised decisions
  • Proactive understanding of market needs
  • ‘Can do’, ‘We can help’ mindset, in the spirit of cooperation
  • Vibrant people orientated culture
  • People valued more than systems
  • Contemporary work environment  - not old world
  • Team work encouraged and highly valued
  • Solid, efficient delivery
  • Effective support systems
  • Latitude at all levels to make decisions fast within set parameters